What is Tor Browser?


What is Tor Browser?Tor stands for The Onion Router. It is a free software that can be used to enable online anonymity network system. This system is going to direct the Internet traffic via a private network. This network consists of more than 5,000 relays that are useful to hide the user’s information. Using this browser can protect all Internet users from being tracked by other parties. It is created to protect the privacy of all users. You are able to prevent other people to monitor your Internet activities. Many experts believe that Tor can be used as a high secure Internet network system.

How Does It Work?

This browser uses “Onion Routing” system to protect all Internet users. This term can refer to the encryption layers. This network can create some network layers to hide sensitive information from all users. It works by encrypting the original data, for example the IP address, personal information, browser, and any other Internet activities. This system is going to encrypt the original data multiple times, so it can hide all important information from the users. It is able to deliver the original data to the destination without showing the personal information, such as your IP address.

Its Background

The alpha version of this free software was launched on September, 2002. It was the first onion routing network produced at that time. Tor browser has already been growing since then. This software is fully supported by some government agencies, such as U.S Naval Research Laboratory, Electronic Frontier Foundation, U.S State Department, National Science Foundation, Broadcasting Board of Governors, and some other organizations.

They are interested to develop a great network system that can protect all users’ information perfectly. This software is created to help these organizations protect their information on the internet. They need to finish this project because this Tor project has major impacts on some organizations. Many Internet users are going to be very happy when using this browser on their personal computers.

What Is It Used For?

This software is highly recommended for all business owners and individuals who want to protect their information on the Internet. It is also useful for all government agencies who need to send some sensitive information without showing this personal information to other parties. There are some projects using this hidden network system today, for example Tor Browser bundle, The Guardian project, Vuze, Bitmessage, PAPARouter, AnonymOS, and some other useful applications. Most of them are interested to protect their users from losing their personal information on the Internet. The Tor Browser is also the browser of choice for all of the black market websites out there such as Agora Market and Silk Road Marketplace. By Using the Tor Browser it adds a layer of security by hiding you true ip address and improving your anonymity online. It is highly recommended though that when using the agora url or the silk road url to also use a VPN service, this will give you an extra layer of security and encryption to really boost your safety.

Most Internet users are able to install this browser on their computers easily. This browser is suitable for several operating systems, such as Apple OS X, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix, BSD, and some operating systems for smartphones. Before you can install this application, you need to download the software from its official website. The software is free for public. You do not have to spend your money when you are interested to try this amazing browser on your computer.

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