The Darknet After Silk Road And Evolution


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Laptop-computer-with-crime-scene-tape-across-it-via-shutterstock-800x430The darknet is booming and growing much faster even after the pioneer Silk Road was shut down by law enforcement agencies. In fact the seizure of the original Silk Road, Silk Road 2.0 and now the closure of Evolution Marketplace (Exit Scam) only created a vacuum that was quickly filled by stronger darknet sites like Agora Marketplace whose listings are increasing rapidly.

There are a great number of hidden services running on the Deep Web according to some researchers. Agora Marketplace is now the largest online black market offering unlawful items and services and uses the cryptocurrency bitcoin as the sole medium of exchange for all its transactions.The operators of the new darknet market sites like Agora Marketplace have ensured that their security is sophisticated. They quickly learn what the authorities are doing and move swiftly to change their tactics. The more they secure their marketplaces, the more they attract more members. Other individuals become conscious of the low-risk, high-gain of getting into these darknet marketplaces or the things that they can purchase.

2014116192829646734_20The operators of today’s darknet sites have also chosen to be silent, contrary to the likes of Dread Pirate Roberts (operator of Silk Road), who demonstrated such high levels of political bravado that many analysts say is what gave him away to the authorities. He frequently published libertarian manifestos on user forums; even daring enough to host an online book club featuring topics like free market economic theories. Silk Road 2.0 followed suit, likewise proclaiming a number of radical principles such as the one that ran on their homepage. You are writing history with every item purchased here, it read. The administrators of Agora Market, for instance, are deeply silent and never say anything on user forums. They only respond to issues like scammers or when the site is down. The other element that perhaps keeps Agora Marketplace safe is the strict policy that outlines its site’s access as well as transactions.

>> Click here to see the Agora Marketplace guide and Agora URL <<