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Other Darknet Sites Were Seized But The Agora Marketplace Is Still Stronger Than Ever

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Online Black MarketIt has been a while since Europol and the FBI operations seized Silk Road 2.0 and other darknet sites. These are sites that dealt with illegal business, most notably the sale of drugs online. Several darknetmarketplaces were shut down and some of its administrators and vendors arrested. The shutdown of Silk Road 2.0, one of the largestdrug selling website also led to the arrest ofits alleged operator,Blake Benthall. Most of the darknet online communities hide behind the Tor program which gives users’ anonymity. However, the shutdown of Silk Road 2.0 and other several darknet sites not stopped the illegal online business.

Even after the seizure of the other darknet sites, Agora Marketplace still remains thriving and stronger than ever. Even before the arrest of Blake Benthall and the shutdown of Silk Road 2.0, Agora Marketplace hadsurpassed the site in terms of listings. Agora Marketplaceat that time had 18,250 product listings which beat Silk Road 2.0 by over 2,000 and several other darknet sites.

agora_market_00Currently, Agora Marketplace is one of the largest online black market sites on the darknet dealing with illegal as well as legal items. Agora Marketplace has proved to very reliably since its launch in 2013. For people registering as buyers or sellers, they actually require an invite link or referrer link. It offers normal escrow services, making it very reliable and easy to transact. The Agora Marketplace is one of the most secure online sites offering customers with privacy and anonymity when performing their transactions. The admin of the site monitor it on a regular basis, helping solve any arising disputes. The site uses crytpocurrency Bitcoin to help hide the anonymity of both buyers and sellers. The site has grown tremendously since its launch in 2013 and seems to continue growing with more people searching for it.


>> Click here to see the Agora Market guide and Agora URL <<