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Unpeeling the Darknet

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It seems as if the dark web has become a little less murky thanks to the launch of OnionCity, a new search engine platform which allows users to explore the hidden corner of the Internet much easier.

Unpeeling The DarknetThe search engine was officially launched on 11th of February 2014 when co-founder Virgil Griffith announced it via a Tor-talk mailing list. Before inception, the creators admit they had some issues deciding which to block and those to let free. Though not much information is out concerning the outcome of these discussions, it was decided that U.S. is the best legal jurisdiction for which their servers can reside. It works in a relatively simple way; the back-end consists of a Tor2Web proxy which is designed to surpass content found in-between the primary Internet system and Tor’s Onion Web. This is where the so-called onion sites reside.

OnionCity front-end works as a lesser Google product given that it also has a Custom Search Engine; this allows users to build their own specialized search engine which run parallel to Google’s original index. The program is set to make anonymous web publishing become more popular amongst the masses.

Custom Search Engine

Since going online, the search engine’s current traffic level stands at around 40 hits per second and receives around 20,000 new visitors per day. Griffith further adds that, its index size multiplies on a daily basis and now stands at an impressive 1.5 million pages.

Agora Marketplace

Agora Marketplace is one of the most popular black market sites on the darknet today. The darknet marketplace facilitate in the sale of both legal and illegal items via pseudo accounts held by different vendors. All trade conducted at Agora Marketplace is done through the digital currency “Bitcoin”. Unlike most its competitors which have shut down due to government crackdowns, Agora Marketplace continues operating unaffected by these seizures. That’s the reason why most people prefer trading at Agora than the other darknet platforms.

>> Click here to see the Agora Marketplace guide and Agora URL <<