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Agora: The Most Stable And Secure Option After Evolution Marketplace Scam

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Evolution Marketplace is now history. Darknet has just witnessed another addition to its growing list of scam sites after Evolution Marketplace admins executed an elaborate exit scam ending on March 18, taking with them an estimated 30 to 35 million dollars worth of their members’ money. On the other hand, Agora Marketplace, the largest darknet site since Silk Road 2.0 was taken down by authorities, remains operational and in full flight. The latest stunt by Evolution Marketplace is about to win Agora Marketplace an influx of users looking to buy illegal products online.

More on the Evolution Exit Scam

Agora The Most Stable And Secure Option After Evolution Marketplace Scam

From Sunday, 15th March, Evolution Marketplace users have reported having withdrawal problems, only for their worst fears to be confirmed a few days later when the site, as well as its official forums, went offline. News of the impeding exit scam were brought to light by an Evolution Marketplace employee who suspected, and later confirmed, that such the scheming plan was already in the works.

According to the employee, the admins of the darknet site, Verto and Kimble, first disabled automatic withdrawals for nearly a week before the site was finally taken offline. During this time, the said employee confronted the administrators regarding the issue, and although at first they were not forthcoming with the details of their plan, they later admitted to executing an exit scam immediately before the site was taken offline and could neither be accessed by customers or staff.

On Monday 16th, Kimble had even said that the delays in withdrawals were as a result of a backlog that would be resolved soon. When the final stage of the scam finally came to pass, buyers and vendors ended up losing an estimated 100,000 BTC, worth about $30 million. Even Evolution Marketplace staff did not get away unscathed. The employee who posted the information about the impeding exit scam claims to have lost over $20,000.

Agora Marketplace About To Get a Boost in User Numbers

This is not the first time the darknet has had to experience an exit scam. Although the magnitude of the Evolution Marketplace scam clearly makes it unique, it is common in these scenarios for users of darknet sites to bounce back by joining the next best thing. Therefore, it is expected that Agora Marketplace, the next best thing for buyers and vendors of illegal products over the darknet, is about to experience an unprecedented influx of users.

Agora Marketplace is a perfect choice for darknet users looking to make a come back after the Evolution scam. This darknet site is one of the oldest around, considering that it was created before Evolution Marketplace and the recently seized Silk Road 2.0. Agora Marketplace also has quite a good reputation. After the fall of the Silk Road 2.0, Agora Marketplace became the leading darknet site, and the fall of Evolution under this exit scam only serves to consolidate Agora’s place in the tumultuous Internet underworld.


Evolution Marketplace scam

The Evolution Marketplace scam, like other preceding major darknet exit scams, has cost its members millions of dollars, all in the form of the favorite darknet currency, bitcoin. With Evolution gone, Agora Marketplace, the largest darknet site that has also proven its reliability through its ability to weather the operation that stopped Silk Road 2.0 and its ability to outlive Evolution Marketplace is likely to get an influx of users.

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