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Agora Downtime Due To Mr Nice Guy Funded DDoS

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The Agora Marketplace suffered through a recent setback, shutting down for a short period of time after fending off DDoS attacks. The culprit? Apparently, it is another Darknet Marketplace, specifically the Mr. Nice Guy website, which somehow makes the name ironic.

mrnice-660x330According to reports, the Mr. NiceGuy Marketplace suffered through several attacks as well. But instead of just going back to business, the admin of this website decided to change tack and use his new contact for his own advantage. Simply put, he had the attacker work on other marketplaces as well so these websites – including Agora Marketplace – would suffer through a downtime.

With the latest exit scam news, the public’s response to website downtime is pretty much predictable: they start to question if their favored marketplace is in the midst of an exit strategy. Even if there is no doubt that the darknet will be back online, loyal buyers and sellers are bound to check out other websites where they can buy and sell items while their favored domain is still out for the count.

You can follow the story from here – with Mr. Nice Guy funding the attacks on other sites, practically all buyers and sellers go directly to his website, upping the profits to unbelievable margins. At least, that’s the plan.

DeepDotWeb published an account of Mr. NiceGuy’s admin and the original DDOSer talking through the process of their plan. It starts off well enough with Mr. Nice Guy being hacked and the DDOSer asking for a ransom to get the website up and running again. Once that is done though, Mr. NiceGuy does a quick reverse, changing from the victim to the person launching the attack. In his conversations, he wanted to take down a total of 8 markets, including Agora Marketplace, promising the attacker $200 a day or a total of $6,000 in just one month.

There Goes the Trust

So what happens next? With DeepDotWeb posting screenshots of the conversation online, the news has gone viral. It is doubtful that Mr. NiceGuy would get more business in the following days and for those who currently have coins in the site; it’s time to get out of this market as fast as you can.

The good news is that there are other darknet marketplaces you can go to, the Agora Marketplace being one of the few choices you still have.

What Mr. Nice Guy has to Say

When asked about his move, Mr. NiceGuy has this to say: “…there was simply little choice, do or die”.

The gist of it was he was protecting his own site by directing the attacks. Having problems coping with the whole DDoS situation, Mr. NiceGuy did the next best thing – at least for him. The explanation itself makes sense, but you can be sure that this darknet won’t be the same ever again.

Agora MarketplaceThe good news out of all of this is that the DDoS attack has stopped and Agora is back up in full swing! Apparently the admin at Agora Marketplace had the patch for Tor to stop the DDoS attack a week ago but it was not a signed verified patch so they wanted to test it first. This just further proves how the admin at Agora are committed firstly to its members’ security rather than installing an untested patch and making more profit.

With the way the Darknet Markets are and how profitable they are it is a given that there are always going to be DDoS attacks on these sites. You will just have to put up with it and not let it get to you.

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Agora’s Withdrawals Are Back Online

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Computer hacker

There’s a recent update for those who have been using the Agora Marketplace to carry out transactions, the site’s admin recently announced that withdrawals are now up again.

Nevertheless, since some online services many not accept late payments, such delayed requests have been cancelled by Agora Marketplace for security reasons. If your account is affected this way then it would be best to reschedule the withdrawal back into your virtual wallet again, the sum will show in the balance page.

Those who have already used this system say that it works just fine, though there are still a few people complaining that the site is experiencing too much downtime. Thus, making it difficult for users to access funds at an appropriate time of their choice, such individuals have no other option but to wait till Agora Marketplace is up again in order to make withdrawals.

black market adminThe admin had addressed the downtime issue couple of weeks ago by apologizing to affected users, and giving assurance that the downtime is being investigated to find out its root cause. In a short statement posted online, they said that they had been working to resolve the problem. Users should also not worry about the safety of their money. There are multiple backup systems that have been put up to avoid 3rd party breaches. They further admit that the matter may take quite some time to rectify since nobody knows the extent of damage done. Though a specific date has not yet been given as to when the site will be fully back again, admin has promised to give an update immediately this happens.

The Agora Marketplace withdrawals are back online and they will keep updating for more developments.

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Latest Update On Agora Marketplace

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Latest Update On Agora Marketplace

The last couple of weeks have been an especially trying time for the largest active darknet site, Agora Marketplace and its large swathe of users. Since coming under the denial-of-service attack some weeks back, the site has experienced protracted downtimes that have kept many of its users on edge. The latest downtime began early last week.

Agora admins, on April 17, stated that they were fairly certain that the site would be up and running by the close of April 19, UTC time, which would be about a week since the site first became inaccessible. Although the admins had been working around the clock to ensure that Agora Marketplace services were restored as soon as possible, it took them until 17 April to determine just how long it would take to get the site running normally again.

Prior to that, it was not clear how long the downtime was going to last, at least according to an update on Agora forums by the site’s admin on April 15. In fact, at this point in time, the darknet site was still investigating just what the reason for the downtime was. The admins were also keen to point out that safety would be a priority while trying to get the daktnet site’s services back online.

darknet 1

Actually, despite the assurances that the online marketplace was working on resolving the downtime issue, the admins emphasized their commitment to security and safety of the site and its users. Agora admins even admitted that these factors would precede things like site availability, a stance that the admin was not going to compromise on just to appease impatient site users.

The admins also assured users that their money was safe, since Agora Marketplace has in place several backup systems to ensure that critical information remains safe. At the moment, Agora Marketplace is back online.

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Agora Marketplace Investigates Downtime Issue

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imagesDarknet users have not yet really come to terms with Evolution Marketplace’s sudden disappearance last month with millions of customers’ money. Understandably, users panicked and started posting comments on popular forums on the possibility of another exit scam when Agora Marketplace went offline for about 3 days.

Apologizing for their silence, administrators of Agora said that they were in the process of investigating the exact reason for the downtime problem in their latest update on April 15, 2015. The administrators said the information related to users and their money is safe as the darknet site makes use of multiple backups as part of their protocols. However, they added that a little more time would be needed to determine as to how long it would be before taking online service orders (backed up with sufficient security) once again. Further, Agora Marketplace promised to keep users updated on this.

In the further update provided by Agora Marketplace on March 29, 2015, the administrators said that they were aware of the availability problems and that they are working to upgrade the infrastructure to accommodate the new users who are coming from Evolution. Agora administrators came forward and explained that they were making use of the downtime to resolve certain security protocols of the site. They also said that they would not run away with users’ money and that the site would soon be back online. In their message, the administrators even discouraged users from making deposits and insisted that they wait until the site became fully operational.

123123Currently, Agora Marketplace is the biggest as well as one of oldest darknet sites. Agora has outlived Silk Road 2.0. The law enforcement authorities took down Silk Road 2.0 last year and unscrupulous owners took down Evolution Marketplace a few weeks back in an exit scam.

All said and done, the downtime episode has served to enhance Agora’s credibility and reinforce their legitimacy. Though Agora has experienced downtimes even in the past, the recent episode caused users to panic because of the recent Evolution exit scam.

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Agora Marketplace Back Up After 3 Days Maintenance

Agora Market Logo

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Several darknet users are still coming to terms with the sudden disappearance of Evolution Marketplace with millions worth of their money during its exit scam last week. Understandably, when Agora Marketplace went offline in what turned out to be a routine maintenance task, there were fears that another exit scam was unfolding.

Agora Marketplace Back Up AfterThe reason for the 3-day downtime was a maintenance the site was conducting. Nevertheless, as soon as the downtime was noted, users took to popular Internet forums spreading fears that another exit scam was in play.

In fact, Agora administrators had to come forward and dispel the fears by explaining that the downtime was being used to resolve an issue regarding the site’s security protocols. The darknet site, the admin wrote, had not “run off” with people’s money, and would be back online in no time.

In the message from the administration, users were even discouraged to make deposits, but instead wait until the site was fully operational. Obviously, no site trying to orchestrate an exit scam would dare its users to do such a thing.

Truthfully, Agora’s credibility has stood the test of time, and this recent scare obviously serves to reinforce its legitimacy in the seemingly ephemeral and unpredictable darkent world. Actually, Agora has had significant downtimes in the past, but this time, the sour aftertaste left by the recent Evolution exit scam on many darket users resulted in suspicions that another exit scam was in the offing.

Agora Marketplace Back Up After1Agora Marketplace is currently the largest darknet site, and also one of the oldest, having outlived Silk Road 2.0, which was taken down by law enforcement authorities last year, and Evolution Marketplace, which was taken down its unscrupulous owners a few weeks ago in an exit scam.

If the 3 days of downtime say anything about Agora Marketplace, it would be that the legitimacy of this darknet site has few or no matches in this controversial online ecosystem. The downtime must have cost the darknet site millions in sales, and this proves that the site is ready to make significant sacrifices to ensure its users have a reliable platform on which do their selling and buying. Agora Marketplace is currently back online and operating as usual.

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