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Darknet: A Place For Anonymous Transactions

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darknet703083360Now that the law enforcement agencies are becoming deeply obsessed with keeping an eye on everything that happens online particularly with regard to all individual activity, a myriad of internet users are seeking anonymity and security. This can be justified on a certain level since people participating in illegal activities on the web should not be given room to carry out their crimes freely. Some of these individuals choose to conduct their illicit activities while taking advantage of the advanced darknet framework. Researchers have pointed out the fact that countless hidden services currently run on darknet. The lace, for instance, is one of the darknet sites that offer users with illegal products and services anonymously.

Furthermore, users in the Agora Marketplace handle their transactions anonymously with the aid of digital currency such as bitcoin. The anonymous marketplace is an invitation-only dark market site and operated as a Tor hidden service. It offers illicitgoods like weapons and drugs.

btcanon-5Darknet has created an environment where the IP addresses of users are prevented from being shared in the public domain. Furthermore, queries that contravene and go against user privacy are prevented, too. Tor is made to offer privacy and security for users thereby making it hard for prying eyes to trace the activities of such users on the internet. For this reason, darknet marketplaces like Agora Marketplace still thrive in in the cyber drug market even after relentless efforts to bring them down and unearth the identity of people who ensure that it keeps on running.

Darknet offers privacy and security that most users desire particularly when conducting certain online activities. As a result, Agora Marketplace has quickly gained popularity. The site offers advanced security system to its users to maintain anonymity and privacy of transactions. It is distinguished to be one the most secure black market sites on the darknet.

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Current Market Leaders On The Darknet

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Dark-NetIf the November 2014 operation by law enforcement authorities to cripple the Internet underworld had any impact on the darknet as a whole, it is not apparent, with the unprecedented growth of darknet sites such as the Agora Marketplace and Evolution, which were able to survive the extensive crackdown. These two onion sites are now the new leaders in the seemingly indefatigable darknet marketplace.

After the shutdown of the original Silk Road and last year’s Operation Onymous took down Silk Road 2.0, Agora Marketplace became one of the biggest darknet marketplaces offering both unlawful and lawful items. Agora even went a step further to be much bigger than Silk Road ever was. The site has thousands of products on sale, and only accepts Bitcoin as payment.

At the moment, Agora Marketplace is one of largest darknet sites in business. Besides the fact that Agora deals in contraband, it operates just like any other online retail platform. Buyers on Agora can use normal escrow services to protect themselves from unscrupulous vendors.

agora_market_canabisAgora’s popularity is believed to have been fueled by its exclusivity. Buyers and vendors have to be invited to register as Agora members. Although the invitation codes are readily available, it still creates a sense that not everybody can register as a member on the site, particularly law enforcement authorities and hackers.

Based on trade volumes, Evolution is also one of the largest darknet sites. Like Agora, Evolution offers deals in contraband and offers escrow services to its users, although it also offers a multi-sig feature on all its transactions for those who would rather not use the escrow service.

Agora Marketplace and Evolution are now the currentmarket leaders on the darknet. These sites have numerous vendors and continue to grow in membership everyday. Many darknet users consider these sites reliable and efficient, which has greatly contributed to their growing popularity.

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Darknet Technologies Provide Protection And Anonymity

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n2y6hnfp-1412334254With law enforcement authorities seemingly obsessed with monitoring every aspect of the web at the individual level, user protection and anonymity has become a concern for many Internet users. To some extent, this is justifiable since people engaged in illicit online activities can get away with crime by using advanced darknet technologies. Some researchers have indicated that there are thousands of hidden services running on the darknet. Darknet marketplaces such as Agora Marketplace offer illicit items and services and manage their transactions using anonymous virtual currency like bitcoins. On the other hand, darknet technologies can also be used for legitimate uses by people who are concerned about their privacy, especially when there is fear of reprisal.

anonymous-Imilian-thinkstock-290px_290X230Darknet technologies prevent the user’s IP addresses from being shared publicly. Additionally, the technology prevents answering of any queries that might result in privacy concerns. Tor, an anonymization service, is designed to provide anonymity and protects user’s online privacy by making it difficult for anyone to trace user’s online activities.This explains why darknet heavyweights such as the Agora marketplace continue to be a thriving online drug market despite relentless attempts to take them down and uncover the identity of those who keep them up and running. This black market site has an advanced darknet security system that is even able to rebuff hacking attempts, which are higher for darknet sites since victims are not likely to report the crimes to authorities.

Darknet sites offer the privacy most people would like out of their Internet activities and darknet markets such as Agora Marketplace have gained popularity among its users. However, darknet technologies also have legitimate uses. It can be used for anonymity and protection of sensitive data for services and commercial information. Still, more others would like to have the ability to protect their anonymity for one reason or another.

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Drug Listings Are Growing On The Darknet

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agora-market-url-002Drug listings are growing fast on the darknet and are now estimated to have grown more than double since the closure of the original Silk Road in 2013. Agora Marketplace is one of the darknet sites that are quickly growing as one of the top contraband points with figures showing massive month on month growth, especially after Silk Road 2.0 was also brought down by the FBI in 2014.

A recent report by the Digital Citizens Alliance indicates that a total of 19,274 products are listed on Agora Marketplace, deeply buried in the darknet. Out of these, about 13,236 are purely drug listings. In the list, Agora Marketplace comes second to Evolution which has 14, 706 drug listings in total. The report further demonstrates that drug listings alongside other illicit activities account for some 78% of the total listings. The report was last updated in December 17, 2014.

One of the factors that contribute to the growing number of drug listings is the advantage of less danger. Both buyers and sellers consider these platforms safer compared to the streets. There is also a new breed of drug dealers who are keen to reduce the violence and intimidation that is normally associated with the drug world. The concept of Amazon-like reviews is also vital as it demonstrates the level of trust. A higher rating is a key for anyone who wants to succeed here. And since ratings help to weed out the bad guys while showcasing the genuine dealers, more people will be attracted to list their drugs on the darknet and focus on building their reputation for good business.

agora market urlThe fast rising popularity of Agora Marketplace, for instance, is largely due to the invite codes which give members the feeling of being part of some exclusive group where members are vetted. This popularity has attracted thousands of drug dealers as well as new customers.

Agora Marketplace bans certain items such as weapons of mass destruction, stolen property, assassin services, child pornography, murder videos, poison etc. This makes it a popular ground for people keen on selling illegal stuff like drugs which are banned by governments but considered “cool” by users.

While authorities continue to crackdown on the darknet, experts have observed that darknet sites like Agora Marketplace will sustain their growth as they adapt to new market dynamics. In the meantime drug listings will certainly maintain growth as the popularity increases.

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