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Agora Marketplace: The Largest Drug Market To Operate On The Dark Web

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Agora Marketplace is currently one of the most popular online black marketplaces that can be accessed using Tor browser. The site was launched in 2013 and garnered much popularity than Silk Road 2.0 on September 2014 gaining reputation as the largest black marketplace. It assumed its current reputation as the leader in November 2014 after it survived an operation by law enforcement agents, a raid that saw Silk Road 2.0 taken down.

In addition to being the largest, Agora Marketplace is the oldest darknet marketplace going by the launch date. It came after Silk Road which was launched in2011 before it was seized and taken down in 2013. This was followed by the launch of Silk Road 2.0 on 6th November 2013 and was a new version of the older Silk Road. After this second version was seized under Operation Onymous, Agora Marketplace and Evolution were left as the two major rivals in the market.
The site administrators of Agora Marketplace are quite cyber savvy and for this reason they have managed to evade law enforcers for the time the site has been in existence. Their staffs tend to be tightlipped in the user forums and they only restrict their responses to matters such as warnings about the site being down or issues to do with scammers. Additionally, the site carefully scrutinizes new entrants on their site by allowing only users who have received invite codes to gain access to their site. These invite codes are assigned to buyers and sellers after their credentials have been carefully vetted.
During the exit scam of Evolution on March 2015, it was anticipated that Agora would see a great influx of new users. Evolution had been closed with an intention of stealing bitcoins that had been deposited by users. Just as was the case with Silk Road, the exit of Evolution highly contributed to the growth of Agora.

Agora-Commodities-Launches-DigitalTangible’s-Bitcoin-4Gold-WidgetCurrently, Agora is reputed as one of the most secure and stable darknet marketplace by sellers and buyers who use the site. Although the Internet underworld cannot guarantee 100 percent anonymity and security, users of the darknet trust Agora and feel safe when using it. Agora Marketplace uses bitcoins to trade anonymously. Users must have an invite code or referral link in order to register to the site.

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Kids Arrested For Sale And Possession Of Drugs Bought On The Darknet

The dark world of internet was revealed for the first time in front of Bengaluru police when three drug peddlers were arrested by them from Kumaraswamy Layout. A regular anti-drug operation turned out to be first-of-its-kind as the trio claimed to have bought the drugs from Agora Market, a darknet marketplace.
Kids Arrested For Sale And Possession Of Drugs Bought On The Darknet

Operation was conducted by the Central Crime Branch, which identified the accused as Manikantan, 24, from Bengaluru; Debyendu Roy, 26, from Kolkata; and Jag Saipravesh, 23, from Chennai. They were arrested with weed, hashish, ecstasy (MDMA), and LSD (acid). Charged with the possession and sale of drugs, all of them are unemployed graduates with BSc and BCA degrees.

Accused told that the drugs were sold to the students of reputed engineering colleges in the city, after they bought them from Agora Market. When police searched online for Agora Marketplace, they found a website that allows its users to buy and sell antiques. Later accused showed the police how they accessed Agora using VPN software (Virtual Private Network) and a Tor browser. The VPN software selected for this work didn’t store any logs of the user’s activities, and Tor is famously used for keeping online activities anonymous. The payments of the purchase were made using bitcoin and the delivery was taken through a normal courier.

According to the Bengaluru police, as the tech-savvy generation is more accustomed to using online services providers, more people these days are choosing the online route to buy and distribute drugs anonymously. Although accessing Agora Market might seem difficult, it’s actually simple for anybody with basic knowledge of internet. All they have to do is use a browser and software that can hide their IP address and they will be able to access the blocked sites while maintaining their anonymity.

What is Agora Market?


Launched in 2013, Agora Market is a darknet marketplace operated as a THS (Tor Hidden Service). In September 2014, this website became the largest darknet market surpassing its competitor, Silk Road 2.0. It was able to survive the law enforcement agents operation in November 2014, which resulted in the end of Silk Road 2.0. The trades in Agora are made using a virtual currency called Bitcoin to ensure the anonymity of its users.

What are darknet markets?

Darknet markets are the websites which are accessible only by using special browsers and software that allow anonymity. These markets are designed to bypass government censorship and are black market for illegal porn, drugs, etc.


Police are in the process of compiling a list of websites similar to Agora Market. After that they will approach the ISPs to either monitor or block these websites. This incident has served as an eye-opener for police and they are working on strengthening their cybercrime department for better detection and monitoring of such crimes.

Agora Has Far More Drug Listings Than Silk Road Had

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A little more than a year after its launch, Agora Marketplace, Silk Road’s closest competitor, became the largest online marketplace on the darknet. The darknet marketplace, launched in September 2013 for the purpose of selling illicit goods, can be accessed only by using Tor, the anonymous browser. Agora has even stood the test of time and survived the Operation Onymous, the government’s drive in November 2014 to crackdown darknet marketplace that resulted in the closure of several high profile black market sites such as Silk Road, Hydra, and Cloud 9. In terms of monetary transaction, Silk Road may still be the biggest, but Agora has surpassed it as far as the number of drugs available for sale is concerned, according to reports.

During the period 29 January 2014 to 22 August 2014 the number of drug listings on Agora’s website increased to 12,053 from 7,400, according to a report published by Digital Citizens Alliance. At the same time, the total number of listings on Agora Marketplace, which also includes weapons and other services, jumped to 16,137 from 9,158.

At the time of sentencing the 31-year old Ross Ulbricht, the founder of Silk Road, Judge Katherine Forrest had said that tough punishment is being served to him to prevent others from creating darknet marketplaces for selling drugs and offering other illegal services. She had also said during Ulbricht’s sentencing that anyone who might even think of following his footsteps should know that there will be serious consequences for breaking law in this manner.

It looks as though Forrest has underestimated the penetration of the darknet markets. This is because Agora Marketplace which was founded almost soon after the shutting down of Silk Road is not just an illicit marketplace for selling drugs; it offers weapons and several other illegal services to people who learn to search them out on Tor. In addition to Agora Marketplace, there are other temporary darknet markets or “ghost markets” where people can buy whatever they want, but they often disappear suddenly without any warning.

Agora Marketplace Is Smarter Compared to Silk Road

Agora has been managing to evade the law all these days because their site administrators are far more cyber savvy compared to their counterparts in Ross Ulbricht’s Silk Road. Law enforcement officials could easily dig Silk Road’s and Silk Road 2.0’s operations and corner them. On the other hand, the administrators of Agora Marketplace haven’t so far displayed any of the political bravado of Dread Pirate Roberts. Agora’s staff is always tightlipped in the user forums. They just restrict their responses to administrative issues such as site downtime, scammers, etc.

In addition, Agora Marketplace has carefully remained under the radar by allowing only users who have official “invite codes” to access their site. Invite codes are often given to buyers and sellers after vetting their credentials.

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Latest Update On Agora Marketplace

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Latest Update On Agora Marketplace

The last couple of weeks have been an especially trying time for the largest active darknet site, Agora Marketplace and its large swathe of users. Since coming under the denial-of-service attack some weeks back, the site has experienced protracted downtimes that have kept many of its users on edge. The latest downtime began early last week.

Agora admins, on April 17, stated that they were fairly certain that the site would be up and running by the close of April 19, UTC time, which would be about a week since the site first became inaccessible. Although the admins had been working around the clock to ensure that Agora Marketplace services were restored as soon as possible, it took them until 17 April to determine just how long it would take to get the site running normally again.

Prior to that, it was not clear how long the downtime was going to last, at least according to an update on Agora forums by the site’s admin on April 15. In fact, at this point in time, the darknet site was still investigating just what the reason for the downtime was. The admins were also keen to point out that safety would be a priority while trying to get the daktnet site’s services back online.

darknet 1

Actually, despite the assurances that the online marketplace was working on resolving the downtime issue, the admins emphasized their commitment to security and safety of the site and its users. Agora admins even admitted that these factors would precede things like site availability, a stance that the admin was not going to compromise on just to appease impatient site users.

The admins also assured users that their money was safe, since Agora Marketplace has in place several backup systems to ensure that critical information remains safe. At the moment, Agora Marketplace is back online.

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Agora Marketplace Investigates Downtime Issue

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imagesDarknet users have not yet really come to terms with Evolution Marketplace’s sudden disappearance last month with millions of customers’ money. Understandably, users panicked and started posting comments on popular forums on the possibility of another exit scam when Agora Marketplace went offline for about 3 days.

Apologizing for their silence, administrators of Agora said that they were in the process of investigating the exact reason for the downtime problem in their latest update on April 15, 2015. The administrators said the information related to users and their money is safe as the darknet site makes use of multiple backups as part of their protocols. However, they added that a little more time would be needed to determine as to how long it would be before taking online service orders (backed up with sufficient security) once again. Further, Agora Marketplace promised to keep users updated on this.

In the further update provided by Agora Marketplace on March 29, 2015, the administrators said that they were aware of the availability problems and that they are working to upgrade the infrastructure to accommodate the new users who are coming from Evolution. Agora administrators came forward and explained that they were making use of the downtime to resolve certain security protocols of the site. They also said that they would not run away with users’ money and that the site would soon be back online. In their message, the administrators even discouraged users from making deposits and insisted that they wait until the site became fully operational.

123123Currently, Agora Marketplace is the biggest as well as one of oldest darknet sites. Agora has outlived Silk Road 2.0. The law enforcement authorities took down Silk Road 2.0 last year and unscrupulous owners took down Evolution Marketplace a few weeks back in an exit scam.

All said and done, the downtime episode has served to enhance Agora’s credibility and reinforce their legitimacy. Though Agora has experienced downtimes even in the past, the recent episode caused users to panic because of the recent Evolution exit scam.

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Agora Marketplace Back Up After 3 Days Maintenance

Agora Market Logo

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Several darknet users are still coming to terms with the sudden disappearance of Evolution Marketplace with millions worth of their money during its exit scam last week. Understandably, when Agora Marketplace went offline in what turned out to be a routine maintenance task, there were fears that another exit scam was unfolding.

Agora Marketplace Back Up AfterThe reason for the 3-day downtime was a maintenance the site was conducting. Nevertheless, as soon as the downtime was noted, users took to popular Internet forums spreading fears that another exit scam was in play.

In fact, Agora administrators had to come forward and dispel the fears by explaining that the downtime was being used to resolve an issue regarding the site’s security protocols. The darknet site, the admin wrote, had not “run off” with people’s money, and would be back online in no time.

In the message from the administration, users were even discouraged to make deposits, but instead wait until the site was fully operational. Obviously, no site trying to orchestrate an exit scam would dare its users to do such a thing.

Truthfully, Agora’s credibility has stood the test of time, and this recent scare obviously serves to reinforce its legitimacy in the seemingly ephemeral and unpredictable darkent world. Actually, Agora has had significant downtimes in the past, but this time, the sour aftertaste left by the recent Evolution exit scam on many darket users resulted in suspicions that another exit scam was in the offing.

Agora Marketplace Back Up After1Agora Marketplace is currently the largest darknet site, and also one of the oldest, having outlived Silk Road 2.0, which was taken down by law enforcement authorities last year, and Evolution Marketplace, which was taken down its unscrupulous owners a few weeks ago in an exit scam.

If the 3 days of downtime say anything about Agora Marketplace, it would be that the legitimacy of this darknet site has few or no matches in this controversial online ecosystem. The downtime must have cost the darknet site millions in sales, and this proves that the site is ready to make significant sacrifices to ensure its users have a reliable platform on which do their selling and buying. Agora Marketplace is currently back online and operating as usual.

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Unpeeling the Darknet

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It seems as if the dark web has become a little less murky thanks to the launch of OnionCity, a new search engine platform which allows users to explore the hidden corner of the Internet much easier.

Unpeeling The DarknetThe search engine was officially launched on 11th of February 2014 when co-founder Virgil Griffith announced it via a Tor-talk mailing list. Before inception, the creators admit they had some issues deciding which to block and those to let free. Though not much information is out concerning the outcome of these discussions, it was decided that U.S. is the best legal jurisdiction for which their servers can reside. It works in a relatively simple way; the back-end consists of a Tor2Web proxy which is designed to surpass content found in-between the primary Internet system and Tor’s Onion Web. This is where the so-called onion sites reside.

OnionCity front-end works as a lesser Google product given that it also has a Custom Search Engine; this allows users to build their own specialized search engine which run parallel to Google’s original index. The program is set to make anonymous web publishing become more popular amongst the masses.

Custom Search Engine

Since going online, the search engine’s current traffic level stands at around 40 hits per second and receives around 20,000 new visitors per day. Griffith further adds that, its index size multiplies on a daily basis and now stands at an impressive 1.5 million pages.

Agora Marketplace

Agora Marketplace is one of the most popular black market sites on the darknet today. The darknet marketplace facilitate in the sale of both legal and illegal items via pseudo accounts held by different vendors. All trade conducted at Agora Marketplace is done through the digital currency “Bitcoin”. Unlike most its competitors which have shut down due to government crackdowns, Agora Marketplace continues operating unaffected by these seizures. That’s the reason why most people prefer trading at Agora than the other darknet platforms.

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The Darknet After Silk Road And Evolution

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Laptop-computer-with-crime-scene-tape-across-it-via-shutterstock-800x430The darknet is booming and growing much faster even after the pioneer Silk Road was shut down by law enforcement agencies. In fact the seizure of the original Silk Road, Silk Road 2.0 and now the closure of Evolution Marketplace (Exit Scam) only created a vacuum that was quickly filled by stronger darknet sites like Agora Marketplace whose listings are increasing rapidly.

There are a great number of hidden services running on the Deep Web according to some researchers. Agora Marketplace is now the largest online black market offering unlawful items and services and uses the cryptocurrency bitcoin as the sole medium of exchange for all its transactions.The operators of the new darknet market sites like Agora Marketplace have ensured that their security is sophisticated. They quickly learn what the authorities are doing and move swiftly to change their tactics. The more they secure their marketplaces, the more they attract more members. Other individuals become conscious of the low-risk, high-gain of getting into these darknet marketplaces or the things that they can purchase.

2014116192829646734_20The operators of today’s darknet sites have also chosen to be silent, contrary to the likes of Dread Pirate Roberts (operator of Silk Road), who demonstrated such high levels of political bravado that many analysts say is what gave him away to the authorities. He frequently published libertarian manifestos on user forums; even daring enough to host an online book club featuring topics like free market economic theories. Silk Road 2.0 followed suit, likewise proclaiming a number of radical principles such as the one that ran on their homepage. You are writing history with every item purchased here, it read. The administrators of Agora Market, for instance, are deeply silent and never say anything on user forums. They only respond to issues like scammers or when the site is down. The other element that perhaps keeps Agora Marketplace safe is the strict policy that outlines its site’s access as well as transactions.

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Agora: The Most Stable And Secure Option After Evolution Marketplace Scam

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Evolution Marketplace is now history. Darknet has just witnessed another addition to its growing list of scam sites after Evolution Marketplace admins executed an elaborate exit scam ending on March 18, taking with them an estimated 30 to 35 million dollars worth of their members’ money. On the other hand, Agora Marketplace, the largest darknet site since Silk Road 2.0 was taken down by authorities, remains operational and in full flight. The latest stunt by Evolution Marketplace is about to win Agora Marketplace an influx of users looking to buy illegal products online.

More on the Evolution Exit Scam

Agora The Most Stable And Secure Option After Evolution Marketplace Scam

From Sunday, 15th March, Evolution Marketplace users have reported having withdrawal problems, only for their worst fears to be confirmed a few days later when the site, as well as its official forums, went offline. News of the impeding exit scam were brought to light by an Evolution Marketplace employee who suspected, and later confirmed, that such the scheming plan was already in the works.

According to the employee, the admins of the darknet site, Verto and Kimble, first disabled automatic withdrawals for nearly a week before the site was finally taken offline. During this time, the said employee confronted the administrators regarding the issue, and although at first they were not forthcoming with the details of their plan, they later admitted to executing an exit scam immediately before the site was taken offline and could neither be accessed by customers or staff.

On Monday 16th, Kimble had even said that the delays in withdrawals were as a result of a backlog that would be resolved soon. When the final stage of the scam finally came to pass, buyers and vendors ended up losing an estimated 100,000 BTC, worth about $30 million. Even Evolution Marketplace staff did not get away unscathed. The employee who posted the information about the impeding exit scam claims to have lost over $20,000.

Agora Marketplace About To Get a Boost in User Numbers

This is not the first time the darknet has had to experience an exit scam. Although the magnitude of the Evolution Marketplace scam clearly makes it unique, it is common in these scenarios for users of darknet sites to bounce back by joining the next best thing. Therefore, it is expected that Agora Marketplace, the next best thing for buyers and vendors of illegal products over the darknet, is about to experience an unprecedented influx of users.

Agora Marketplace is a perfect choice for darknet users looking to make a come back after the Evolution scam. This darknet site is one of the oldest around, considering that it was created before Evolution Marketplace and the recently seized Silk Road 2.0. Agora Marketplace also has quite a good reputation. After the fall of the Silk Road 2.0, Agora Marketplace became the leading darknet site, and the fall of Evolution under this exit scam only serves to consolidate Agora’s place in the tumultuous Internet underworld.


Evolution Marketplace scam

The Evolution Marketplace scam, like other preceding major darknet exit scams, has cost its members millions of dollars, all in the form of the favorite darknet currency, bitcoin. With Evolution gone, Agora Marketplace, the largest darknet site that has also proven its reliability through its ability to weather the operation that stopped Silk Road 2.0 and its ability to outlive Evolution Marketplace is likely to get an influx of users.

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Is Tor Still Reliable?

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Is Tor Still Reliable1No matter what you use Tor network for, whether you simply want to browse the web anonymously or find something from hidden sites like the Agora Marketplace, generally it is a pretty useful piece of software. It can be used whenever and wherever you need it. For example, you can easily keep a copy of the Tor Browser (a Firefox browser pre-configured to relay traffic through the Tor network) in a USB flash drive and use it when you are accessing public Wi-Fi.

But is Tor still secure as most people would believe it to be? There are recent reports that the FBI and other related agencies have initiated an exhaustive crackdown on most darknet marketplaces (and the closing down of Silk Road 2.0 last year was a very prominent example), including the arrest of 17 people. This is just a small number, compared to the millions of people who use Tor everyday.

The thought of the government finally infiltrating Tor is not really that farfetched, considering that the whole project was initially developed by the US Navy.

The answer though is a bit comforting for most Tor users. Tor is still very much reliable in this day age. It is important to note that Tor, from its government-backed beginnings, is a fully open source project. This means that vulnerabilities can be easily patched up as soon as people spot them.

Is Tor Still Reliable

So, yes. You can still safely use Tor and access darknet sites like Agora Marketplace if you want to. Just make sure that you anonymize yourself as much as possible (use a VPN with Tor Browser, not give any identifying details, etc.) and practice safe browsing habits.

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