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Darknet Technologies Provide Protection And Anonymity

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n2y6hnfp-1412334254With law enforcement authorities seemingly obsessed with monitoring every aspect of the web at the individual level, user protection and anonymity has become a concern for many Internet users. To some extent, this is justifiable since people engaged in illicit online activities can get away with crime by using advanced darknet technologies. Some researchers have indicated that there are thousands of hidden services running on the darknet. Darknet marketplaces such as Agora Marketplace offer illicit items and services and manage their transactions using anonymous virtual currency like bitcoins. On the other hand, darknet technologies can also be used for legitimate uses by people who are concerned about their privacy, especially when there is fear of reprisal.

anonymous-Imilian-thinkstock-290px_290X230Darknet technologies prevent the user’s IP addresses from being shared publicly. Additionally, the technology prevents answering of any queries that might result in privacy concerns. Tor, an anonymization service, is designed to provide anonymity and protects user’s online privacy by making it difficult for anyone to trace user’s online activities.This explains why darknet heavyweights such as the Agora marketplace continue to be a thriving online drug market despite relentless attempts to take them down and uncover the identity of those who keep them up and running. This black market site has an advanced darknet security system that is even able to rebuff hacking attempts, which are higher for darknet sites since victims are not likely to report the crimes to authorities.

Darknet sites offer the privacy most people would like out of their Internet activities and darknet markets such as Agora Marketplace have gained popularity among its users. However, darknet technologies also have legitimate uses. It can be used for anonymity and protection of sensitive data for services and commercial information. Still, more others would like to have the ability to protect their anonymity for one reason or another.

>> Click here to see the Agora Marketplace guide and Agora URL <<