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The Agora Marketplace Was Not affected By Operation Onymous

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After Operation Onymous had only initially come to light, it seemed almost as if it was going to be bringing an abrupt end to the Dark Web drug trade. It now seems as if international law enforcement has got a lot more work on their hands. Although Operation Onymous did shut down a large number of darknet marketplaces, it certainly didn’t have a negative effect on one of darknet’s biggest online marketplaces – Agora Marketplace. The site deals with both illicit and lawful products. Despite the wide reaching impact that Operation Onymous had on a number of users of different sites, Agora Market stayed online and has quickly become one of the most popular darknet markets.

One of the only noticeable changes to Agora Marketplace is that its online users and staff have become more aware of security issues, so it is likely that they will be paying more attention to their online behavior. The shutting down of some online black marketplaces has led to there being a lack of choices for people that are looking to buy illegal drugs online, pushing more and more sales towards other few remaining darknet sites.

The darknet has gained a reputation for its comebacks after it suffers from police sting operations, as new darknet marketplaces have appeared.And some new darknet sites that have emerged are thriving and growing rapidly. Agora Marketplace and other online black market sites have remained largely unaffected by this latest operation. On the other side of the coin, Operation Onymous was successful in taking down quite a large number of Tor hidden sites, which has brought up many questions about law enforcement’s ability to use vulnerabilities within the anonymity shield that Tor supposedly provides.

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Darknet Marketplace For Contraband Gets Bigger

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Silk Road and Dread Pirate Roberts dominated the Dark Web for the past years till its founder was arrested in October 2013. Following the FBI’s crackdown of the darknet, one of the largest marketplaces on the Dark Web has emerged, the Agora Marketplace. The darknet marketplace for contraband has grown bigger and is seeing explosive growth.

Agora Marketplace online contrabandAgora, the online contraband bazaar, gets bigger in terms of products listed on their website. A report released previously in late October 2014 showed that it had as many as 18,250 for-sale products at that period, which had already surpassed Silk Road 2.0 before the latter was taken down and arrested its alleged administrator, Blake Benthall. Agora Marketplace is protected through Tor, the anonymity software. Further, the site accepts only bitcoin. When compared with other darknet marketplaces, Agora has several thousand more products listed on their website.

The Agora Marketplace has thrived remarkably since its launch in 2013 and has increased noticeably from their relatively 7,400 products listed on their website. It has proved to be very reliable and is one of the most secure darknet sites providing its users with anonymity and privacy.

Theft-and-stolen-property-300x211There are only subtle differences between Agora Marketplace and its competitors. Unlike Silk Road, Agora allows its users to sell different categories of weapons. These include the powerful semi-automatic firearms. However, Agora is less permissive compared to other darknet markets. Websites such as Evolution even allow the sale of stolen goods and hacked credit card information. Agora’s rules prevent sale of stolen property, assassinations and other services such as weapons of mass destruction, child pornography, poisons, etc., that cause harm to others.

The site’s administrators are often tight-lipped in the user forums and mostly respond to only administrative issues such as scammers and site downtime. It avoids political rhetoric and allows users to sign up only if they have invite codes. The biggest advantage being enjoyed by Agora now is not exclusivity, but popularity. It has attracting a large number of users because if its reliability and security it offers.

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