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Kids Arrested For Sale And Possession Of Drugs Bought On The Darknet

The dark world of internet was revealed for the first time in front of Bengaluru police when three drug peddlers were arrested by them from Kumaraswamy Layout. A regular anti-drug operation turned out to be first-of-its-kind as the trio claimed to have bought the drugs from Agora Market, a darknet marketplace.
Kids Arrested For Sale And Possession Of Drugs Bought On The Darknet

Operation was conducted by the Central Crime Branch, which identified the accused as Manikantan, 24, from Bengaluru; Debyendu Roy, 26, from Kolkata; and Jag Saipravesh, 23, from Chennai. They were arrested with weed, hashish, ecstasy (MDMA), and LSD (acid). Charged with the possession and sale of drugs, all of them are unemployed graduates with BSc and BCA degrees.

Accused told that the drugs were sold to the students of reputed engineering colleges in the city, after they bought them from Agora Market. When police searched online for Agora Marketplace, they found a website that allows its users to buy and sell antiques. Later accused showed the police how they accessed Agora using VPN software (Virtual Private Network) and a Tor browser. The VPN software selected for this work didn’t store any logs of the user’s activities, and Tor is famously used for keeping online activities anonymous. The payments of the purchase were made using bitcoin and the delivery was taken through a normal courier.

According to the Bengaluru police, as the tech-savvy generation is more accustomed to using online services providers, more people these days are choosing the online route to buy and distribute drugs anonymously. Although accessing Agora Market might seem difficult, it’s actually simple for anybody with basic knowledge of internet. All they have to do is use a browser and software that can hide their IP address and they will be able to access the blocked sites while maintaining their anonymity.

What is Agora Market?


Launched in 2013, Agora Market is a darknet marketplace operated as a THS (Tor Hidden Service). In September 2014, this website became the largest darknet market surpassing its competitor, Silk Road 2.0. It was able to survive the law enforcement agents operation in November 2014, which resulted in the end of Silk Road 2.0. The trades in Agora are made using a virtual currency called Bitcoin to ensure the anonymity of its users.

What are darknet markets?

Darknet markets are the websites which are accessible only by using special browsers and software that allow anonymity. These markets are designed to bypass government censorship and are black market for illegal porn, drugs, etc.


Police are in the process of compiling a list of websites similar to Agora Market. After that they will approach the ISPs to either monitor or block these websites. This incident has served as an eye-opener for police and they are working on strengthening their cybercrime department for better detection and monitoring of such crimes.

Sale Of Lethal Weapons Are No Longer Allowed On Agora Market

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5404696-3x2-940x627The Agora Market admin recently posted a message on their onion site, announcing that from July 15th 2015 they won’t be dealing in lethal weapons anymore. Though the website regrets passing this new rule, it had to be done for security purposes so that users can feel safe when purchasing other products from them. This could possibly be a smart move, considering the high numbers of people that have been arrested while buying guns from covert agents posing as vendors, including the additional heat from authorities which such products often attract.

One of the employees at Agora Market says that following their mission they wish these items would be available to all, but as it is right now the market format of Tor networks such as their own don’t have proper channels to guarantee buyers maximum confidentiality. Shipping illegal weapons is not only hard and expensive, but also risky since they are bulky in nature meaning that identifying them is much easier.

Agora Market Canabis SelectionMoreover, since they are highly priced compared to other products in the Agora Market, scammers tend to target them quite frequently. To prevent proliferation of the website by such dishonest vendors, administrators have made the difficult decision of stopping people from listing weapons on their site.

For a very long time before the sanction, the Agora Market had been an industry leader in trading weapons; this could easily be seen by high volume of weapon listings and their respective success rates. However, at this time continuing to list weapons would do more harm than good considering several people have been arrested so far by purchasing guns from honeypot vendors, hence endangering the existence of this network as more users became less active fearing that they would suffer the same fate as them. At this point in time, continuing to list weapons is just not worth the effort since users risk having their anonymity blown away by the clandestine agents.

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Despite Silk Road Sentencing Darknet Sites Continues To Grow

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ulbricht-thumb-copyFriday, May 29, sealed the fate of Ross Ulbricht, the mastermind of what was formerly the largest black market site on the darknet: Silk Road. A New York Federal Court sentenced him to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. Ulbricht set the standard for darknet sites when he founded Silk Road in February 2011. At the time, it was the only one of its kind. Following its closure, however, the online market did not die with him. It became fragmented and grew exponentially, and has since become a force almost impossible to stop.

You can think of the darknet as a virus. As you’re busy trying to trap it from one angle, it is, simultaneously, mutating into a different form that is equally infectious and difficult to eliminate. If you’re still wrapping your head around the idea of darknet sites, you’ll be shocked to learn that the number of people searching for them on the internet has grown by over 1000% between 2014 and now.

Immediately after Silk Road was shut down in 2013, dozens of similar sited erupted, including the famous Silk Road 2.0-thought to be founded by the remaining administrators of the original site-Agora Market, Middle Earth, Abrax, AlphaBay, Nucleus and many more.

The Agora Market

Today, Agora Market has become the faithful and dominant replacement to Silk Road. Agora is the ultimate online drug superstore. The inventory of drugs on the site is staggering.

But how did Agora Market make it to the top amidst the collapse of other darknet sites such as Silk Road 2.0, Evolution, and Pandora? For starters, darknet users got bored of stale and old products, and websites. They are constantly hungry for new things, and Agora has what they want. Within a 4-month period in 2014, Agora’s product listing grew from about 7,400 to over 16,000.

Dark-NetIts catalogue has also grown to include weapons, items that the original Silk Road had stopped selling a few years into business. Agora Market promises safer transactions and unrivalled anonymity for its loyal customers.

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JavaScript Exploit Via Agora Market’s Private Message

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A number of users of the Agora Market, the online black market, have reported that they have received a message through their Private Messaging system on June 11. They said that the message had a malicious JavaScript exploit and it tried to drain off Bitcoins from their wallets.

According to the users, when they clicked on the link in the message an attempt was made to execute a malicious JavaScript code with the help of CSRF on Agora Market so as to steal users’ fund kept in Agora’s wallet. They also said that it also tried to change the PGP key and reset the PIN code.

The exploit works when a user has opened an active session with Agora Market. In addition, the user must enable JavaScript. Further, the user must be dumb enough to click on an unknown link with the JavaScript enabled. Users, especially vendors, should avoid doing any of these things.

On June 13, the site’s admin issued an update and said that they have received reports from users regarding the private messages they received with a link to an exploit which tried to hack their accounts. The online black market also said that they are in the process of working out a solution. Moreover, Agora Market requested users to turn off JavaScript at the time of accessing their website.

Agora Market came out with yet another update on June 15, saying that it is safer now to keep the JavaScript open on the Tor browser when accessing their website. However, their general recommendation is that users can turn off JavaScript whenever they want to do something sensitive on the Internet. Agora also said that their website does not make use of JavaScript for anything.

Though it is not clear from the latest update provided by Agora Market as to whether the CSRF problem has been completely sorted out, it is better that users disable JavaScript when browsing Agora website or any other site using Tor.

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Darknet Sites Targeted By The Denial-Of-Service Attack

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The world has recently become aware of an undergoing denial-of-service (Dos) attack against major darknet marketplaces such as the Agora Market. The attack exploits an existing loophole in Tor hidden services protocol. Drug markets and other Tor hidden sites have been targeted by the attack, which some consider the most serious attack yet to target Tor darknet sites.

Darknet Sites Targeted By The Denial-Of-Service Attack

The DoS attack consists of attackers creating several simultaneous connections to the same hidden service, which overwhelms the server’s CPU resources thus making it inaccessible to darknet site users. One of the sites attacked alongside Agora Market, a site called Middle Earth, had its server load increased to 100 percent, which effectively resulted in downtime and inability by users to access the site. The bug report related to the attack has been opened under the name “alberto” by Tor developers.

So far, the attack has been reproduced by a Tor developer. In fact, short-term solutions have been introduced to deal with the problem, but none have worked out. Long-term solutions have also been suggested; including proposals put forward by Tor hidden services co-founder Roger Dingledine in 2012.

Darknet Sites Targeted By The Denial-Of-Service Attack1Tor hidden site owners began complaining of server having accessibility issues towards the end of March. The problem was traced to large amounts of malicious traffic that slowed down or stopped user access to the sites’ servers altogether.

Agora Market, the largest darknet site at the moment after the closure of Silk Road and Evolution Marketplace, is one of the main Tor hidden sites targeted by this attack. Agora Market mainly deals in illegal drugs, although it also sells weapons and other illicit items. Since the attack, Tor hidden sites have been struggling to stay up. However, both Agora Market and Middle Earth are currently accessible.

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Some Interesting Facts About Agora Market

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Due to the nature of the transactions being done in the Agora Market, finding reliable and accurate information about it and the transactions facilitated within it can be hard to do. There are, however, a few pieces of information that will tell you more about what makes this online marketplace one of the most popular for online consumers.

The Agora Marketplace sells virtually anything, not just illegal items.


While Agora Market has this reputation of being the place to get illegal and illicit items, it actually is an online marketplace where you can buy virtually anything else, illicit or not.

The Agora Marketplace is designed and tested to counter hacker attacks.


One security feature that makes Agora so appealing as an online marketplace is its hack-proof design. Although no site is never truly invulnerable to hacker attacks, Agora’s security is one of the safest there is and protects the privacy and anonymity of buyers and sellers. Site admin also regularly monitors transactions to make sure disputes are immediately attended to and to reduce cases of discontented consumers.

Users use cryptocurrency like Bitcoin to pay for transactions.

Largest Ever Forfeiture of Bitcoins

Bitcoin facilitates the air of anonymity that is favored by users and vendors alike, especially those who access the site to procure illegal items.

Agora uses anonymous courier services to protect customer privacy.

Anonymous courier service is important especially for shipping regulated and prohibited items. Agora is known to work with private courier services that are anonymous and reliable.

Site transactions, despite the anonymity, are surprisingly reliable.

Transactions in the site are often reliable with little risk for dissatisfaction, despite the fact that buyers and sellers have no idea about the real identity of the other party. This is the reason why Agora, despite being less than a year old, is quickly becoming one of the most popular underground online marketplaces today.

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What are bitcoins and how are they used?

Bitcoin logo

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Bitcoin can be described as a new currency that was created by an unknown person who used alias Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. Its transactions do not need any middle men or banks. Persons using this currency also do not have to use their real names and there is also no transaction fee. The currency is slowly gaining popularity as many merchants accept them. It can be used to buy pizza, webhosting services and manicures among many others. 

How they are used.

Bitcoins are stored on the users’ computer or in the cloud in a “digital wallet”. This wallet is a type of virtual bank account that allows individuals to receive or send the coins, save money or pay for products. It’s important to note that the wallets are not insured by FDIC.

 Bitcoin accepted here at coffee shop

How they are purchased.

You can purchase bitcoin through a number of avenues such as:

Various market places that are known as “bitcoin exchanges”. These allow people to sell and buy the currency using various currencies. The largest exchange is known as Mt. Gox. Transfers- people can send each other the coins using a computer or mobile apps. This is similar to sending money digitally. Mining- individuals can also compete to “mine” the coins using computers to solve some complex math puzzles. This is how they are created in the first place.

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How they are anonymous.

Despite the fact that each bitcoin transaction is normally recorded in a public log, names of both the sellers and buyers are never revealed. Only the wallet IDs are revealed. This keeps the users transactions private and it also lets them sell or buy anything without the transactions being easily traced back to them. For this reason it has become a popular choice for people buying drugs online and taking part in other illicit business.

 Bitcoins are anonymous


There are a number of benefits associated with bitcoin such as:

Payment freedom- it’s possible to receive and send money in any corner of the world instantly without dealing with borders, bank holidays or limits. This allows users to be in full control of their money.

Very low fees- currently the payments are processes with no or very small fees.

Fewer risks for merchants- transaction using this currency are irreversible, secure and do not contain the customers’ personal or sensitive information. This protects merchants from fraudulent chargebacks.

Control and security- the transactions offer great protection against identity theft and the users cannot get imposed or unwanted charges as they are normally in full control of all the transactions.

 Neutral and transparent- all the details about the currency are available in the block chain in real time for anyone to verify. No organization or person can manipulate or control the transactions as they are cryptographically secure.


Some of the disadvantage of the bitcoin is:

Not widely used- the degree of acceptance is still low as there are very many people who do not know that it exists. Volatility- the number of businesses that use the currency as well as the value of bitcoins in circulation is still very small. This could imply that volatility could decrease as technology and markets decrease. The world is not used to start up currency thus it may be challenging to understand how it would work. Ongoing development- the currency software is still in beta with incomplete features in regards to active development. New features, services and tools are in construction to make it more accessible and secure to masses.


Price volatility.

There are high hopes that the price of bitcoin will stabilize in the future as it has been stable for very many months now a trend that actually shows that it may be too volatile to be in mainstream use. This is despite the fact that is most of the time unregulated but who knows things might actually change. Governments are more concerned about taxation and the issue of control over the currency.

How they are used on online black markets 

Bitcoin is also being used as a preferred mode of payment in the black market. This was hailed by the administration of the Silk Road Black Market who said that it was being used as a key to make its illicit business possible. However people should note that using the coins to get drug online is not an easy task.

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Image from www.spectrum.ieee.org

What Is Sold On The Agora Market Drug Website?

A lot of people are out there wondering about all of these black market websites like Agora Market and are often miss informed about what you can and cannot do and what is sold on them. This article is not meant to encourage people in any way to go onto Agora Marketplace and buy anything illegal, it is just to merely educate people on the reality to what is available online and it may also ease some peoples curiosity about the site and prevent them from going there in the first place. Personally I don’t think it is anyone else’s business if you visit a website or not, you should be free enough to visit sites like Agora Marketplace if you want to although I do not recommend or endorse buying anything illegal what so ever.


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Agora Market Canabis Selection
These are the current categories of products listed on Agora Market:
– Barbiturates
– Benzos eg. Aplrazolam, Bromaepam, Diazepam, Valium, Lorazapam
– Cannabis
—- Concentrates eg. hash oil, cream, vaporizer
—- Edibles eg. anything you eat with cannabis in it
—- Hash
—- Synthetics eg. Herbal incense, synthetic marijuana
—- Weed eg. Purple Kush, indoor weed, outdoor weed, blue berry, blue bubba, Durban Poison
– Disassociatives
—- GBL
—- GHB
—- Ketamine
—- MXE
– Ecstasy
—- MDA
—- Pills
—- Dimethylone
– Opioids eg. Oxycodone, Heroin, Tramadol
– Prescription eg. Viagra, Hydroxyzine, Piracetum, Ambien, Modafinil, Propranol, Cialis
– Psychedelics
—- 2C
—- 5-MeO
—- DMT
—- LSD / Acid
—- Mescaline
—- Mushrooms
—- NB
—- Saliva
—- Spores
– RC’s eg. 4-FA, 4-HO-MET, 2-FMA, 4-HO-MiPT
– Steroids eg. Nandrolone, Trenbolone Enathate, Testosterone, Oxandrolone
– Stimulants
—- Cocaine
—- Methamphetamine
—- Prescription
—- Speed / Amphetamine
– Weight loss eg. Garcina Cambodia, sibutramine, Acomplia

– Accessories
– Clothing
– Electronics
– Money
– Watches
– Accounts
– Pirated
– Software
Drug Paraphernalia
– Containers
– Paper
– Pipes
Electronics eg. Anonymous sim cards
Forgeries eg. Passports, ID
Information eg. How to grow marijuana, Ultimate guide to using the Tor network
– Hacking
– Money
– Other eg. Cruize ship vouchers
– Paraphernalia
– Smoked

The drug categories offered on Agora Market


As you can see there is a very large selection of items being offered for sale on Agora Market, some legal but most are illegal in most countries. Because of the nature of most of the items for sale you can be assured that the authorities will be trying to track the use of this site and catch people. No matter if you are buying anything illegal or not you should be taking every precaution available to you to make yourself anonymous while online and especially while visiting such sites as Agora Marketplace. Using the Tor browser gives you a great layer of anonymity while online but I would strongly suggest also using a VPN service as an extra security layer. You should use a VPN service any time you want to hide your online activity as it encrypts everything you do online from everyone else, even your ISP (Internet Service Provider) won’t know what you are doing, a good VPN can be found here if you are serious about your anonymity. You should read the Agora Market overview here to find out how to get to the Agora Marketplace and what precautions you need to take in order to minimize your risk of being detected.

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