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What Is Sold On The Agora Market Drug Website?

A lot of people are out there wondering about all of these black market websites like Agora Market and are often miss informed about what you can and cannot do and what is sold on them. This article is not meant to encourage people in any way to go onto Agora Marketplace and buy anything illegal, it is just to merely educate people on the reality to what is available online and it may also ease some peoples curiosity about the site and prevent them from going there in the first place. Personally I don’t think it is anyone else’s business if you visit a website or not, you should be free enough to visit sites like Agora Marketplace if you want to although I do not recommend or endorse buying anything illegal what so ever.


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Agora Market Canabis Selection
These are the current categories of products listed on Agora Market:
– Barbiturates
– Benzos eg. Aplrazolam, Bromaepam, Diazepam, Valium, Lorazapam
– Cannabis
—- Concentrates eg. hash oil, cream, vaporizer
—- Edibles eg. anything you eat with cannabis in it
—- Hash
—- Synthetics eg. Herbal incense, synthetic marijuana
—- Weed eg. Purple Kush, indoor weed, outdoor weed, blue berry, blue bubba, Durban Poison
– Disassociatives
—- GBL
—- GHB
—- Ketamine
—- MXE
– Ecstasy
—- MDA
—- Pills
—- Dimethylone
– Opioids eg. Oxycodone, Heroin, Tramadol
– Prescription eg. Viagra, Hydroxyzine, Piracetum, Ambien, Modafinil, Propranol, Cialis
– Psychedelics
—- 2C
—- 5-MeO
—- DMT
—- LSD / Acid
—- Mescaline
—- Mushrooms
—- NB
—- Saliva
—- Spores
– RC’s eg. 4-FA, 4-HO-MET, 2-FMA, 4-HO-MiPT
– Steroids eg. Nandrolone, Trenbolone Enathate, Testosterone, Oxandrolone
– Stimulants
—- Cocaine
—- Methamphetamine
—- Prescription
—- Speed / Amphetamine
– Weight loss eg. Garcina Cambodia, sibutramine, Acomplia

– Accessories
– Clothing
– Electronics
– Money
– Watches
– Accounts
– Pirated
– Software
Drug Paraphernalia
– Containers
– Paper
– Pipes
Electronics eg. Anonymous sim cards
Forgeries eg. Passports, ID
Information eg. How to grow marijuana, Ultimate guide to using the Tor network
– Hacking
– Money
– Other eg. Cruize ship vouchers
– Paraphernalia
– Smoked

The drug categories offered on Agora Market


As you can see there is a very large selection of items being offered for sale on Agora Market, some legal but most are illegal in most countries. Because of the nature of most of the items for sale you can be assured that the authorities will be trying to track the use of this site and catch people. No matter if you are buying anything illegal or not you should be taking every precaution available to you to make yourself anonymous while online and especially while visiting such sites as Agora Marketplace. Using the Tor browser gives you a great layer of anonymity while online but I would strongly suggest also using a VPN service as an extra security layer. You should use a VPN service any time you want to hide your online activity as it encrypts everything you do online from everyone else, even your ISP (Internet Service Provider) won’t know what you are doing, a good VPN can be found here if you are serious about your anonymity. You should read the Agora Market overview here to find out how to get to the Agora Marketplace and what precautions you need to take in order to minimize your risk of being detected.

>> If you want to know how to find Agora Market then click here to go to the guide. <<<