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Some Interesting Facts About Agora Market

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Due to the nature of the transactions being done in the Agora Market, finding reliable and accurate information about it and the transactions facilitated within it can be hard to do. There are, however, a few pieces of information that will tell you more about what makes this online marketplace one of the most popular for online consumers.

The Agora Marketplace sells virtually anything, not just illegal items.


While Agora Market has this reputation of being the place to get illegal and illicit items, it actually is an online marketplace where you can buy virtually anything else, illicit or not.

The Agora Marketplace is designed and tested to counter hacker attacks.


One security feature that makes Agora so appealing as an online marketplace is its hack-proof design. Although no site is never truly invulnerable to hacker attacks, Agora’s security is one of the safest there is and protects the privacy and anonymity of buyers and sellers. Site admin also regularly monitors transactions to make sure disputes are immediately attended to and to reduce cases of discontented consumers.

Users use cryptocurrency like Bitcoin to pay for transactions.

Largest Ever Forfeiture of Bitcoins

Bitcoin facilitates the air of anonymity that is favored by users and vendors alike, especially those who access the site to procure illegal items.

Agora uses anonymous courier services to protect customer privacy.

Anonymous courier service is important especially for shipping regulated and prohibited items. Agora is known to work with private courier services that are anonymous and reliable.

Site transactions, despite the anonymity, are surprisingly reliable.

Transactions in the site are often reliable with little risk for dissatisfaction, despite the fact that buyers and sellers have no idea about the real identity of the other party. This is the reason why Agora, despite being less than a year old, is quickly becoming one of the most popular underground online marketplaces today.

>> Click here to see the Agora Market guide and Agora URL <<