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Agora Market – The Black Market Website

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The word ”agora” comes from ancient Greece. In Greek antiquity, Agora was the name of a famous city and its name literally meant a gathering place. Today, more and more people are becoming familiar with that age old word. The gathering place they look for is not a major city, but a hidden website. The Agora Market is another new black market website that some have found and others are looking for. The goal of the Agora Marketplace is to tap into the consumers who once sought out the equally controversial and now defunct website Silk Road. Some of those looking for the Agora marketplace are law enforcement personnel all over the world.

What is this marketplace and what purpose does it serve?


Information about the Agora Market is somewhat sketchy and shrouded in mystery. This should not come as a surprise since the goal of the service is to facilitate anonymous buying and selling. The launch of the site appears to have occurred in late 2013. Since its founding, the site’s popularity has grown. The Agora Marketplace does have a reputation for reliability and this certainly has led many to seek out the referral link in order to become a member of the site.

The reason for all the secrecy is people do seek to buy and sell in illegal drugs on sites such as the Agora Market and its various competitors. Any contraband purchased on such a site is usually delivered via private currier reducing the likelihood (but not eliminating) the chance of detection.

The way transaction anonymity on the site is facilitated is through the use of crypto currency such as Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a form of virtual currency that can be traded online anonymously. So, when a buyer at a black marketplace places an order with a seller, neither party knows who the other person really is. How the anonymity works when it comes to actually mailing out the contraband can vary from buyer and seller. In some cases, the buyer and seller might not try and hide identities from each other, but the use of Bitcoins makes any official record of a financial transaction extremely difficult, if not impossible, to trace.

Reports about the drugs sold on the sight are not exaggerated. Virtually any and all substances imaginable are for sale. Vendors merely have to create an account on the website and then list what they have for sale. The vendors are all third parties who use the Agora Marketplace as a sales hub. The market itself does not perform any sales. The best way to describe the service would be to call it the black market version of Amazon.

Incidentally, there are quite a number of legal items sold on this black market site. Perhaps these legal vendors are merely tapping into the consumer base interested in one stop shopping.

Finding the Agora Market through the search engines is not going to be possible. Even someone who does have the direct URL to the site may not be able to access it. Buyers and sellers must register via a referral link offered by a current member of the site. A special browser called Tor must be used to access the site. Even then, some have recommended using a virtual private network site within Tor prior to accessing any black market hub. A VPN can further protect the identity of anyone venturing to the site.

>> Click here to see the Agora Market guide and Agora URL <<