Sale Of Lethal Weapons Are No Longer Allowed On Agora Market


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5404696-3x2-940x627The Agora Market admin recently posted a message on their onion site, announcing that from July 15th 2015 they won’t be dealing in lethal weapons anymore. Though the website regrets passing this new rule, it had to be done for security purposes so that users can feel safe when purchasing other products from them. This could possibly be a smart move, considering the high numbers of people that have been arrested while buying guns from covert agents posing as vendors, including the additional heat from authorities which such products often attract.

One of the employees at Agora Market says that following their mission they wish these items would be available to all, but as it is right now the market format of Tor networks such as their own don’t have proper channels to guarantee buyers maximum confidentiality. Shipping illegal weapons is not only hard and expensive, but also risky since they are bulky in nature meaning that identifying them is much easier.

Agora Market Canabis SelectionMoreover, since they are highly priced compared to other products in the Agora Market, scammers tend to target them quite frequently. To prevent proliferation of the website by such dishonest vendors, administrators have made the difficult decision of stopping people from listing weapons on their site.

For a very long time before the sanction, the Agora Market had been an industry leader in trading weapons; this could easily be seen by high volume of weapon listings and their respective success rates. However, at this time continuing to list weapons would do more harm than good considering several people have been arrested so far by purchasing guns from honeypot vendors, hence endangering the existence of this network as more users became less active fearing that they would suffer the same fate as them. At this point in time, continuing to list weapons is just not worth the effort since users risk having their anonymity blown away by the clandestine agents.

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