Agora’s Withdrawals Are Back Online


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There’s a recent update for those who have been using the Agora Marketplace to carry out transactions, the site’s admin recently announced that withdrawals are now up again.

Nevertheless, since some online services many not accept late payments, such delayed requests have been cancelled by Agora Marketplace for security reasons. If your account is affected this way then it would be best to reschedule the withdrawal back into your virtual wallet again, the sum will show in the balance page.

Those who have already used this system say that it works just fine, though there are still a few people complaining that the site is experiencing too much downtime. Thus, making it difficult for users to access funds at an appropriate time of their choice, such individuals have no other option but to wait till Agora Marketplace is up again in order to make withdrawals.

black market adminThe admin had addressed the downtime issue couple of weeks ago by apologizing to affected users, and giving assurance that the downtime is being investigated to find out its root cause. In a short statement posted online, they said that they had been working to resolve the problem. Users should also not worry about the safety of their money. There are multiple backup systems that have been put up to avoid 3rd party breaches. They further admit that the matter may take quite some time to rectify since nobody knows the extent of damage done. Though a specific date has not yet been given as to when the site will be fully back again, admin has promised to give an update immediately this happens.

The Agora Marketplace withdrawals are back online and they will keep updating for more developments.

>> Click here to see the Agora Marketplace guide and Agora URL <<