Agora Marketplace: The Largest Drug Market To Operate On The Dark Web


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Agora Marketplace is currently one of the most popular online black marketplaces that can be accessed using Tor browser. The site was launched in 2013 and garnered much popularity than Silk Road 2.0 on September 2014 gaining reputation as the largest black marketplace. It assumed its current reputation as the leader in November 2014 after it survived an operation by law enforcement agents, a raid that saw Silk Road 2.0 taken down.

In addition to being the largest, Agora Marketplace is the oldest darknet marketplace going by the launch date. It came after Silk Road which was launched in2011 before it was seized and taken down in 2013. This was followed by the launch of Silk Road 2.0 on 6th November 2013 and was a new version of the older Silk Road. After this second version was seized under Operation Onymous, Agora Marketplace and Evolution were left as the two major rivals in the market.
The site administrators of Agora Marketplace are quite cyber savvy and for this reason they have managed to evade law enforcers for the time the site has been in existence. Their staffs tend to be tightlipped in the user forums and they only restrict their responses to matters such as warnings about the site being down or issues to do with scammers. Additionally, the site carefully scrutinizes new entrants on their site by allowing only users who have received invite codes to gain access to their site. These invite codes are assigned to buyers and sellers after their credentials have been carefully vetted.
During the exit scam of Evolution on March 2015, it was anticipated that Agora would see a great influx of new users. Evolution had been closed with an intention of stealing bitcoins that had been deposited by users. Just as was the case with Silk Road, the exit of Evolution highly contributed to the growth of Agora.

Agora-Commodities-Launches-DigitalTangible’s-Bitcoin-4Gold-WidgetCurrently, Agora is reputed as one of the most secure and stable darknet marketplace by sellers and buyers who use the site. Although the Internet underworld cannot guarantee 100 percent anonymity and security, users of the darknet trust Agora and feel safe when using it. Agora Marketplace uses bitcoins to trade anonymously. Users must have an invite code or referral link in order to register to the site.

>> Click here to see the Agora Marketplace guide and Agora URL <<