Agora Marketplace Investigates Downtime Issue


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imagesDarknet users have not yet really come to terms with Evolution Marketplace’s sudden disappearance last month with millions of customers’ money. Understandably, users panicked and started posting comments on popular forums on the possibility of another exit scam when Agora Marketplace went offline for about 3 days.

Apologizing for their silence, administrators of Agora said that they were in the process of investigating the exact reason for the downtime problem in their latest update on April 15, 2015. The administrators said the information related to users and their money is safe as the darknet site makes use of multiple backups as part of their protocols. However, they added that a little more time would be needed to determine as to how long it would be before taking online service orders (backed up with sufficient security) once again. Further, Agora Marketplace promised to keep users updated on this.

In the further update provided by Agora Marketplace on March 29, 2015, the administrators said that they were aware of the availability problems and that they are working to upgrade the infrastructure to accommodate the new users who are coming from Evolution. Agora administrators came forward and explained that they were making use of the downtime to resolve certain security protocols of the site. They also said that they would not run away with users’ money and that the site would soon be back online. In their message, the administrators even discouraged users from making deposits and insisted that they wait until the site became fully operational.

123123Currently, Agora Marketplace is the biggest as well as one of oldest darknet sites. Agora has outlived Silk Road 2.0. The law enforcement authorities took down Silk Road 2.0 last year and unscrupulous owners took down Evolution Marketplace a few weeks back in an exit scam.

All said and done, the downtime episode has served to enhance Agora’s credibility and reinforce their legitimacy. Though Agora has experienced downtimes even in the past, the recent episode caused users to panic because of the recent Evolution exit scam.

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