Agora Marketplace Back Up After 3 Days Maintenance

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Several darknet users are still coming to terms with the sudden disappearance of Evolution Marketplace with millions worth of their money during its exit scam last week. Understandably, when Agora Marketplace went offline in what turned out to be a routine maintenance task, there were fears that another exit scam was unfolding.

Agora Marketplace Back Up AfterThe reason for the 3-day downtime was a maintenance the site was conducting. Nevertheless, as soon as the downtime was noted, users took to popular Internet forums spreading fears that another exit scam was in play.

In fact, Agora administrators had to come forward and dispel the fears by explaining that the downtime was being used to resolve an issue regarding the site’s security protocols. The darknet site, the admin wrote, had not “run off” with people’s money, and would be back online in no time.

In the message from the administration, users were even discouraged to make deposits, but instead wait until the site was fully operational. Obviously, no site trying to orchestrate an exit scam would dare its users to do such a thing.

Truthfully, Agora’s credibility has stood the test of time, and this recent scare obviously serves to reinforce its legitimacy in the seemingly ephemeral and unpredictable darkent world. Actually, Agora has had significant downtimes in the past, but this time, the sour aftertaste left by the recent Evolution exit scam on many darket users resulted in suspicions that another exit scam was in the offing.

Agora Marketplace Back Up After1Agora Marketplace is currently the largest darknet site, and also one of the oldest, having outlived Silk Road 2.0, which was taken down by law enforcement authorities last year, and Evolution Marketplace, which was taken down its unscrupulous owners a few weeks ago in an exit scam.

If the 3 days of downtime say anything about Agora Marketplace, it would be that the legitimacy of this darknet site has few or no matches in this controversial online ecosystem. The downtime must have cost the darknet site millions in sales, and this proves that the site is ready to make significant sacrifices to ensure its users have a reliable platform on which do their selling and buying. Agora Marketplace is currently back online and operating as usual.

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