Agora Market went offline for a few days last week for a security update

When people are venturing into the world of Deep Web, are usually advised to exercise caution for every transaction they undertake. Unfortunately, there are gaping loopholes in the systems, and to get a legitimate deal is nothing short of a miracle. This sentiment used to be true, at least up to the point where Agora Market stepped into the limelight. For those new to this, Agora Marketplace is an anonymous online site where you can make transactions which are very hard to trace. There are numerous advantages over there; you get to interact with honest vendors, and most of the site’s code is tested against hackers. Moreover, the Agora administrators closely monitor the site so that there are minimal cases of dissatisfaction of clients.

Why The Agora Market was Down Recently

A few days ago, clients all over the world found some trouble while attempting to carry out transactions via Agora. There was a simple reason behind this: a security update was being applied on the site. This move was part of regular measures taken by the administrators to ensure that the site is never vulnerable to attacks.

The Agora Marketplace makes it possible to use BTC for transactions. For this reason, ultimate care has to be taken so as to provide a secure platform for buying and selling by users. Threats to the system include DOS attacks, code exploits and identity theft. The good news is that customers have seldom been placed in a position to lose their cash with Agora. To keep on doing so, they have to fight against the unscrupulous scammers who try things like the most recent “Heartbleed Exploit”.


Right now, the systems are back and running. For those who ran into inconveniences over the last week, perhaps they may assuage their fears knowing that they may use the Agora Market with some peace of mind.