Agora Market Guide


BREAKING NEWS: The admin at Agora Marketplace will be taking the site offline temporarily to upgrade security. They are advising all users withdraw their bitcoins in the meantime. Most other markets would just run off with your bitcoins but Agora just proved again that they are thinking of the people. In the meantime, Dream Market is the best option to check out. Dream Market is the biggest darknet market now.

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This is an overview of the Agora Market website. I want to inform you of the fact that you can Google around for a while and find the various methods to get to the Agora Market without visiting this site but you will spend a lot more time and have to go to about 10 different websites to get the right information. I DO NOT encourage or endorse the purchase of illegal good through the Agora Market or any other black market website, I am merely trying to give people all of the relevant information they need to be able to find and view the site while being as anonymous and safe as they can be, there is also a section on Bitcoins and purchases MEANT ONLY if you wish to purchase LEGAL goods on the site. If you purchase any illegal good you face the risk of personal injury or death, criminal prosecution and imprisonment.

I will highlight certain tips and software tool along this guide that will greatly help you to stay anonymous while online. It is best to use your computer to access the Agora Market as you can hide your identity and online activity a lot easier and effective on them rather than your mobile device.

If you or someone is struggling with substance abuse then please seek help immediately before it is too late.

Note: Agora is going offline to do a major security upgrade to ensure they are the most secure darknet marketplace. This will cost Agora millions but they are more concerned with security and anonymity which is a good sign. The next best option while Agora will be down is AlphaBay Market, they have tons of listings and excellent feedback.
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    1. USE A VPN SOFTWARE/APP. You can find one here to best suit you, they review the top 5 VPN’s on the market. Every time you use your computer your IP address is shown which reveals your actual physical address which means you can be traced very easily. A VPN must be used along with Tor (Tor is the free browser explained below) to make your online activity anonymous, you need to run the VPN before connecting to the Tor network. When using a VPN Service it will hide your identity and location while also encrypting all of you internet traffic from everyone including your internet service provider. This technology will also protect you from identity theft and hacking when using free wifi because everything is encrypted. Any time you are searching for music, movies to download, pirated content, drugs or anything illegal then you should be using a VPN to fly under the radar. The law is trying to monitor everything we do now so don’t make it easy for them, don’t end up like the original mastermind of Silk Road and get busted. This is a must have in your anonymous arsenal.

      ===> Click here to find a VPN and be anonymous while online <===


  1. Get a small USB/Flash drive to store your files on. This will ensure nothing is on your computer for people to find and get you in trouble and also prevent hackers stealing your Bitcoins. You can get one almost anywhere these days, or you can order one online at Amazon.

  2. When people Google “Agora Market download” they are really looking for a browser called Tor. Download Tor here This is the only browser you can use to find Agora Drug Market.

  3. Save the file onto your USB and open/extract the files.

  4. Download a FREE password manager program such as RoboForm to securely keep track of your usernames, passwords and addresses as you will always want to make them different every time and completely anonymous so it can’t trace back to you. RoboForm even lets you access your password from you iPhone and iPad.    >>> Click here to check out RoboForm. Its FREE <<<

  5. Go to www.findmyip and it will show you your IP address and location. Note it down then close the browser and turn on your VPN Software and then open the browser and go to that same website to check your IP again. It should be completely different. This step is useful for many other things you may do on the net other that look at the Silk Road.

  6. Close down all documents and other browsers so if someone is hacking you they cannot see.

  7. For the people more paranoid, take a piece of non-transparent tape or post it note and cover your webcam lens. This will stop anyone seeing you if you are hacked by anyone including cops and hackers. More and more tech wise people are leaving them covered all of the time now.

  8. Open your file explorer and go to your USB and open the Tor folder and click on “Start Tor browser”. It may take a little while to start up, after a minute or so the Tor browser will open up automatically.

  9. Go to http://agorahooawayyfoe.onion/register/Bp5xEYgG8h (the Agora Market URL) in the Tor browser. This is the Agora Market registration url I found online, it is a referral link from someone as you can only register via a referral link at this time to keep the inflow of new subscribers steady. Entering this address into any other browser will not take you to the Agora Market. If you are already registered then go to http://agorahooawayyfoe.onion/login

  10. The above url will take you to the Agora Market registration page. Remember not to make your username or pass phrase like anything you previously have so it cannot identify you. E.g. DO NOT PUT YOU EMAIL OR NAME. Record your user details in your password management software or encrypted file. If you use the same login or password as another account of yours you can easily be linked to this account and therefore your anonymity is compromised. After you register you then login.

    Login for Agora Market

  11. Congratulations you are now looking in the Agora Market and you will notice on your left had side there are many categories for all different items, some legal and others not so legal in some countries.





  1. Open an account with a bitcoin exchange to obtain the bitcoins for money.
    A great bitcoin exchange is 247Exchange. They are great wherever you live and have a multilingual site.
    There is also by clicking here, this exchange is only for those that  live in certain parts of Europe.
    There is also a site where you can organize to buy bitcoins locally for cash here at localbitcoins but BEWARE of scams here.

  2. Deposit money into your 247Exchange account.

  3. Most exchanges make you wait a period of up to 10 days from the first time you link a bank account to your exchange account for verification purposes so as soon as you open then account then link an bank account to it and DONT buy any bitcoins until the account has been verified. As the price of bitcoins is volatile you want to only buy when you are ready transfer them to your bitcoin wallet and ready to use them. Although, if you use 247Exchange you can buy bitcoins the same day.

  4. Trade your money for Bitcoins.
  5. Send your Bitcoins to you Bitcoin wallet immediately.
  6. If you want a detailed comprehensive expert guide bitcoins then you might want to grab this here. It is a bit outside of my knowledge so this resource might be of better help to you. It explains everything fully and goes into detail about how to get bitcoins and where are the best places etc.


Weather you know it or not you need to make yourself as anonymous as you can these days. Even if you are not visiting sites like the Agora there are corporations, governments, network administrators, and hackers trying to watch every move you make online. Don’t make their job easy and let them have access to everything. Here are some tips to stay anonymous.

    • Use a good VPN Service at all times while on the net.

    • If you are not sure about a site that is requesting an email then get an anonymous email. You can get one from Hide My Ass or send anonymous emails from

    • Install and use a PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) program such as GPA to encrypt all of your messages that you don’t want anyone else to be able to read. Emails and messages can easily be intercepted and read on many platforms so if you want to keep them between you and the recipient then you must use one. There is a great guide I found on how to use it, just click here.

    • For email addresses, logins, passwords, nicknames etc. DONT EVER use real name, birth dates, locations, ages etc. Use something that is as random as can be. A great way to be very random in this is use parts of music lyrics and random numbers.

    • Cover your webcam.
    • Turn the mic off on your PC. ( even better if you don’t have any). If on a desktop PC then unplug the Mic if you have one.

    • You really need to think about getting some of the best PC scrubbing software available. Every time you view a webpage, look at a photo, read an email it is all recoverable from your computer even after you delete it and empty the recycle and even format the hard drive. Do you want someone else knowing every move you have been making online? Just think if your computer got stolen, if you lost it, if you gave it away or even if you threw it out then someone that knows how to can just recover the files and look at all of your details, photos, credit card details, personal info and use it to their advantage. Personally I would delete everything, remove the hard drive, drill holes through the hard drive multiple times with a drill, smash it, burn it then dispose of it.

    • If disposing of your PC and you don’t have a good scrubbing software tool then i would take the hard drive out and set it on fire or destroy it somehow.

    • Make sure you are using the best security possible on your home wifi network with a long password, also hide the network from others. By doing this it will not appear on the available wifi connections, you need to manually type in the network name to find it.

    • If you not doing anything illegal then you have a lot less to worry about so you should always adhere to the law, this doesn’t mean that you should not take these precautions though as internet fraud, identity theft and cyber crime are at levels never seen before and increasing.

I have been reading a bit on Agora lately and it seems they are trying to build a community of sorts so don’t go there if you are looking to scam people, they will not stand for it. If you enjoyed this post and think it is worthy of telling your friends then please share it on social media via the bar below.