Agora Downtime Due To Mr Nice Guy Funded DDoS


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The Agora Marketplace suffered through a recent setback, shutting down for a short period of time after fending off DDoS attacks. The culprit? Apparently, it is another Darknet Marketplace, specifically the Mr. Nice Guy website, which somehow makes the name ironic.

mrnice-660x330According to reports, the Mr. NiceGuy Marketplace suffered through several attacks as well. But instead of just going back to business, the admin of this website decided to change tack and use his new contact for his own advantage. Simply put, he had the attacker work on other marketplaces as well so these websites – including Agora Marketplace – would suffer through a downtime.

With the latest exit scam news, the public’s response to website downtime is pretty much predictable: they start to question if their favored marketplace is in the midst of an exit strategy. Even if there is no doubt that the darknet will be back online, loyal buyers and sellers are bound to check out other websites where they can buy and sell items while their favored domain is still out for the count.

You can follow the story from here – with Mr. Nice Guy funding the attacks on other sites, practically all buyers and sellers go directly to his website, upping the profits to unbelievable margins. At least, that’s the plan.

DeepDotWeb published an account of Mr. NiceGuy’s admin and the original DDOSer talking through the process of their plan. It starts off well enough with Mr. Nice Guy being hacked and the DDOSer asking for a ransom to get the website up and running again. Once that is done though, Mr. NiceGuy does a quick reverse, changing from the victim to the person launching the attack. In his conversations, he wanted to take down a total of 8 markets, including Agora Marketplace, promising the attacker $200 a day or a total of $6,000 in just one month.

There Goes the Trust

So what happens next? With DeepDotWeb posting screenshots of the conversation online, the news has gone viral. It is doubtful that Mr. NiceGuy would get more business in the following days and for those who currently have coins in the site; it’s time to get out of this market as fast as you can.

The good news is that there are other darknet marketplaces you can go to, the Agora Marketplace being one of the few choices you still have.

What Mr. Nice Guy has to Say

When asked about his move, Mr. NiceGuy has this to say: “…there was simply little choice, do or die”.

The gist of it was he was protecting his own site by directing the attacks. Having problems coping with the whole DDoS situation, Mr. NiceGuy did the next best thing – at least for him. The explanation itself makes sense, but you can be sure that this darknet won’t be the same ever again.

Agora MarketplaceThe good news out of all of this is that the DDoS attack has stopped and Agora is back up in full swing! Apparently the admin at Agora Marketplace had the patch for Tor to stop the DDoS attack a week ago but it was not a signed verified patch so they wanted to test it first. This just further proves how the admin at Agora are committed firstly to its members’ security rather than installing an untested patch and making more profit.

With the way the Darknet Markets are and how profitable they are it is a given that there are always going to be DDoS attacks on these sites. You will just have to put up with it and not let it get to you.

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